Custom Instagram gallery

I have been taking photos for years, I used to post a lot on Flickr and then something happened.

I had kids and things got busy, and I started to shoot a lot less with my DLSR.

I still shoot from time to time. But I now have a multi-year backlog of photos to process.

I still get out and about and love to take photos. I just do it whit my LG G4 rather than lugging my DSLR around.

What that translates to is more “live Coverage” and more opportunity. With that said I don’t post them to Flickr and I don’t feel like really doing anything with them except for posting on Instagram.

I might get around to a proper gallery some day but for now, I have added a Photos page based on Instafeed JS.

Instagram has done a lot over the years to its API. At one point completely screwing up the Oembed API by removing the ability to take the metadata. It looks like they removed that restriction and also allow people to get an API key without oAauthing your app to their site. Something I found a bit confusing and more complicated than it needed to be.

Instafeed JS is a tidy little wrapper for the API that lets me do just about whatever I want.

One feature I wanted was the ability to have images hidden from the site. I’m fine with pictures of my family popping up on Instagram but didn’t feel that they necessarily had a place on my site. I can avoid this by simply by tagging #hide on the image. This meant I had to go back over the 3 years and do a bit of quality assurance. Honestly, I don’t even remember if I finished it or not. If you get that far back in time then thanks!

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