Image rotation is not supported by your web host.

Categories: Development, WordPress

When you build your own Web Server you are bound to run into little issues.

In my case, they always seem to be WordPress related…

Previously I had an issue connecting JetPack to, you can read about that here.

Recently I attached a Featured Image on a blog post and went to rotate the image. Something I have probably never done before. But I was presented with this error “Image rotation is not supported by your web host.” and thought. Perfect!

Image resizing workes fine. But I can’t edit the images. Turns out that I forgot to install PHP GD.

You can do this by installing GD for your Specific version of PHP.

$ apt-get install php7.0-gd

Next, reload your PHP FPM if you are running it, then your web server.

$ service php7.0-fpm restart
$ service apache2 reload

Test by rotating or cropping an image. Everything should be working as expected.

Hopefully, this helped you out a bit, I found the error from WordPress to be of little help.

What kind of self-hosting problems have you come across? Were they WordPress related like mine?