Keynote Wireframe Toolkit

A while back I posted a quote from Travis Isaacs. More importantly that quote was related to the Keynote Wireframe Toolkit.

Once you use Apple’s Keynote for wireframing, you’ll roundhouse kick your other wireframe tools. Keynote Kung-fu allows your wireframes to tell a story in a way that no other tool can. $12 could save you 12 hours.

The folks at 37 signals start off by making sketches using a large piece of paper and a thick Sharpie, why?

“The low resolution, thick-point sharpie forces us to focus on big picture ideas — the lines — instead of all the little details that just don’t matter yet.”

Sketches are great for internal work or for personal use but you would never use them as a deliverable to a client. No matter your process or how good the final work, a client would never want to receive a sketch as a deliverable. It shows planning but nothing concrete.

After watching the presentation from Travis Isaacs I think Keynote is a valid contender with OmniGraffle and company.

Where: Keynote Fungfu Toolkit
How: Keynote Kung-Fu: How to wireframe like a ninja

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