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Google Analytics

Social Media is no doubt a successful way of communicating to a large audience. But it can be difficult to measure the traffic that you drive back to you site. Twitter has been especially hard in the past but Google Analytics now includes the account name in the referring sites. The issue comes from all the interaction with the Twitters API.

When a message is sent or clicked from a Twitter application the referring url is not from you username, in fact i have no idea what it might be. The URL shrinking services like Tiny URL or The referring site is then again lost.

Google has some tools available for Banner Ads and Email campaigns, in fact Campaign Monitor has this built in.

Why should Social Media be any different?

A simple way of embedding the Google Campaign tracking URL is to use the Google URL Builder.

What does the URL Builder to?

Here is a basic Example:

You now have the ability to give Google Analytics some extra information, Visit the Google URL Builder for more information on the details.

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