Proof is in the pudding

When you finish school what is the next step?

Well if you are some of the lucky few who have that nailed down, you might have some contacts or relationships already established, you might partner up with friends and go out on your own. Regardless you will have little to show for professional work and your individual resumes will be lacking any real experience.

What are you supposed to do?

When you are looking to purchase new electronics you are not so concerned with what is in common with each model but more or less with what is over and above on not included.

A resume is a glorified list of achievements with any weakness left out, the only way to test out what is on paper is to see it in action. This brings me to the portfolio. Your portfolio is a culmination and execution of your work, your processes and shows your strengths. To the rite eye also reveals your weaknesses.

I don’t have any work to show.

Design the package before you work on the fine print. Get your portfolio nailed down before you work on the formalities of a resume. Many times you can talk through the details of your resume during an interview. Your portfolio should be the bait and your communication skills should be the hook.

Many potential employers will be looking for three or more years of experience in one particular area but what does three years really mean?

I could be doing the same thing wrong or poorly for three years. A number does not show your progress or drive to improve and succeed; your portfolio over time will do this for you.

If you don’t have a lot to show in your portfolio create the work, find something you are passionate about and think needs a change. Do the work, do the research and make something. For them or for your self, the portfolio does not have to show your paid work or real clients.

Some people will think that because the project was not “real” that it some how looses impact. Truth is all you lost was the experience in dealing with a client. You still executed your own process and creative thinking to solve the problem.

Just be ready to speak to those angles.

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