Adding SASS & SCSS Support to CSSEdit

The other day I posted about Adding SCSS support to Sublime Text, Another popular Mac CSS editor is CSSEdit.

CSSEdit does not have support for SCSS or SASS files at all. But it is possible to hack it.

Go in to your Applications folder right click on the app and select Show Package Contents.

Locate the file called info.plst and open it using Coda (or any other Editor).

Look for CFBundleTypeExtension where you will see an array with a string node called CSS. Copy that line and add the SCSS or SASS or both extensions.

Save the file, Restart the app. You can now open SCSS files.

Note: CSSEdit has no idea how to handle the SCSS syntax so don’t expect the Styles or attribute editor to be 100% accurate,

I noticed if you have any nested properties CSSEdit will pick up other attributes until the next closing }

I hope that some day CSSEdit will natively support SASS and will be merged into Espresso.


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