Announcing the Inkdit API

Big news for the Inkdit team – today we’re officially opening up our API to the public! You can register and find documentation on our API’s site.

Our API allows developers at your organization to write applications that can create, share and sign contracts that will be securely stored with cryptographic tamper-resistance on Inkdit.

There are a lot of applications that involve agreements – license agreements, sign-offs, waivers, etc. Using Inkdit’s API your applications can capture those agreements in a tightly integrated way.

Shortly before the holidays we quietly released a Ruby library for interacting with Inkdit’s API (available as a gem named ‘inkdit’, with documentation here).

If you’re using we hope you’ll take a look at the library. If you’re not using Ruby, we hope you’ll look at it anyways – we’ve written it so that it can work as an example for other languages as well.

So what’s coming next? We’ve got big plans for our API; we have a sophisticated tiered user authentication system in the works, and we’d like to make that available for developers to build on top of.

The exciting thing about putting out an API is people are going to find uses for it that we’ve never thought of ourselves. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to use Inkdit to create new applications, so tell us what you need!

Is there a new application you’d like to see built on top of Inkdit?

Do you use an application that would integrate well with us?

Are there new capabilities you’d like us to expose to the API?

We’re looking into other languages to build libraries for. Is there a particular language that you would like code examples or a library for?

Via: Inkdit

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