Paste + Data + No Account concept

Simple paste bucket for images and code.

Originally inspired by, I wanted to create something that could be used to easily share code snippets for Tentacle.

But then I started thinking of other ways this could be useful.

Currently you can add, fork ( edit ), and view raw text. I also added the ability to upload images, soon I would like to add a gallery option.

Late on I am going to add the ability to store files, multiple files will be viewable as a list or downloadable as a zip.

I have been considering ways of managing user data without requiring user accounts.

No password users an email address as a login, you receive an email with a session link.

If you were to login from another location you previous session is closed. This would make it possible to keep sensitive data private.

By tracking your friends email we can go about displaying the content in much the same manner.

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