New year, new site.

and a few mistakes.

Working on your own website is usually a hard thing to do, It was even harder using my own CMS.


I set out to build something simple yet powerful, Concepts are always the easy thing to prove. The hard work came in building the supporting infrastructure. I have put off releasing a site or even a non beta version of Tentacle CMS simply because I have so many things left to do and didn’t feel that I was in a state where I could.

I kept finding reasons to make something better, more polished, or would hit an issue that I didn’t fully understand get frustrated and move onto something that was more interesting.

Just do it already!

Launching with a 90% complete CMS was a bit intense and lead to some exceptions in what I wanted to have completed.

This site is running on Tentacle CMS, some up front notes about this site however.

The blog is pure CMS powered
There are a few issues with accessible URLS, I also realized that some of the data relations were not intuitive and this forced me to rewrite the entire page/post data model. I also realized that I forgot to deal with pagination, this has since been corrected.

Navigation is Static
I have some pages that I don’t want shown and do not have the logic in place to ignore them

The home page is entirely static
While I could use custom content and the templates are all chosen using the CMS, I have not finalized how custom data will saved when using repeating sections.

Media Management
I have been using CKE Editor off and on, trying other editors over time. The issues with most of these comes in how they are customized and extended. Personally I am not strong in JavaScript but managed to make a media manager that more or less works fine. 


Part of porting over WordPress to Tentacle CMS involved keeping URL’s the same.

I have a number of popular posts on Php user login with sessions, and adding SCSS and SASS to Sublime text These two posts for example had custom slugs that were not based off the title. I do not yet support that.

In an effort to be proactive I added a 404 logger to my 404.php but forgot to disable the http_response_code

This effectively meant that to any bot/search engine my site was down, This has since been fixed but earned me a MASSIVE penalty for site traffic.

What have I learned?

I tried to structure everything in an intelligent manner. I learned a lot going through this process. Not just building my site but in building the CMS. I have some considerations to make moving forward. 

The code base must be re-written. Not because it is poor, but because it is already dated and has architectural limitations.

I have taken over for CandyCMS, and will be doing some heavy thinking about the future of both. I personally see one emerging.

Next steps I think will be to focus on the UI, rebuild using Laravel and a Client side framework such as Angular would bring mobile development and API flexibility.

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