Accelerate Alberta 2014

I have lived in Edmonton all my life, I really haven’t been that many places outside of the Provence. So in many ways I am sheltered and also take Edmonton for granted.

As many people know I ride my bike year round, and its great. But it also really sucks when it’s -40c, wind in your face, and a couple inches of blowing snow.

People are shocked that I do it. But its a mind set, you push on.

You reach a point where its easier to give up that go on. You think to yourself how easy it is to turn around and just seek the warmth of home.


What am I talking about?

I recently attended the AccelerateAB 2014 conference and quickly realized that not that many people were familiar to me. After the first few keynotes I was reminded of how many Local and Canadian companies are great examples of Success stories such as Intuit, BioWare, and Shopify, But there is also a very strong startup culture here. And while I feel that the word Statup these days is another word for new online business. 

There are people connecting medical devices, using medical data to allow doctors to make better decisions, people are tracking gas and energy equipment on large scales. There is augmented reality training devices, Robotics, countless enterprise countless Software as a Service’s.

What I thought was most amazing is that all of this is happening rite in the city where I live.

And from listening to a lot of these talks, gained a lot of insight on priorities and business decisions. I need to remind my self that every project starts in spring, and you will inevitably will reach the chilling -40c days.  

I can guarantee you that every one will hit a day like those frigid -40c days, But great entrepreneurs are the ones who push through it. They continue the journey, and win.

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