Enough is enough.

As anyone in the email marketing world knows CASL was a big deal, Especially for Canadian business.

It’s old news by now but I had this one sitting in the hopper, some current news just prompted me to finally post this.

As anyone in the email marketing world knows CASL was a big deal, Especially for Canadian business.

It forced everyone who sends business email with or with out a platform to comply. 

CASL at its basic level means that you need to prove a personal relationship with your customer in order to continue communicating with them via email. You also have the option to prove a business relationship or that they have willingly agreed to receive emails. In my experience many large institutions were thrown for a loop as some would have large lists containing thousands of names spanning many years and in some cases different CRM’s and Email services.

It was almost impossible to keep track of consent.

Legal aid was sought, Lawyers struggled to make sense of murky grey regulations put in place. Not to mention as it turns out. Many lawyers are not very technical which left a lot to be interpreted. An infraction of these regulations put in place by the CRTC can be as high as $10,000,000.

SPAM is a big deal, and an even bigger deal would be Phishing scams. 

A statement on the CRTC’s Website:

“We are committed to reducing the harmful effects of spam and related threats to electronic commerce and are working towards a safer and more secure online marketplace.

Canada’s new anti-spam legislation (CASL) helps protect Canadians while ensuring that businesses can continue to compete in the global marketplace.”

People who send SPAM will not stop sending SPAM, I have no idea how the law will be enforced because it will also no doubtable require Canadians to seize digital information residing on private servers or ISP’s in Canada or abroad. I have no doubt it can be done. But at what point is it viable to go through that expense? 

I feel like SPAM is rather easy to deal with and if people are educated in how to prevent vulnerabilities its merely a nuisance deleting them or emptying your SAPM folder.

To make matters worse, and where I get the most annoyed is telemarketers are not covered under CASL. I receive one phone scam about every three weeks on my cell phone as well as home phone. The CRTC has direct control over the phones and how they are managed. Yet a number can be purchased for next to no money and can be spoofed to any location.

Common sense tells me to ignore all things to good to be true, unfortunately some people fall for them.

Fraud is a crime, harassment is a crime. The CRTC should have made it clear how to deal with these issues, how to report them, and what force/penalty will be used.

CASL only effects the people who are already operating legally and within good business practices.

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