The CRTC wants to regulate online streaming services.

Well the CRTC is at it again, this time trying to force regulations on Netflix, Google, and YouTube.

The CRTC is on a roll after its recent CASL regulations went into effect.

Well the CRTC is at it again, this time trying to force regulations on Netflix, Google, and YouTube.

I am no lawyer and certainly am not very knowledgable when it comes to government and all that Jazz. 

The CRTC as far as I know, has always had Canadian content in mind. This is why the Radio will play Canadian musicians at nausea. It also means that a certain percentage of broadcast TV and Radio need to be 

The CRTC would like to get its fingers into your Netflix account, Mess with Google’s content on Youtube and dig into Google’s advertising when it comes to Canadian content.

The government statement, made as the hearings were just getting underway, came after the Ontario and Quebec governments, along with the CBC and some cultural organizations, suggested that Google, Netflix, YouTube and other online video streamers be regulated to help pay for production of Canadian TV content.

CRTC to Netflix: Since you won’t co-operate, we’ll ignore you

Netflix tells CRTC consumers should vote with their dollars and I fully agree with this, I already don’t like that certain websites will block content simply because I’m in Canada.

My Cable, Internet and Phone cost me close to $200 a month. Netflix costs me $10. I honestly watch whatever is good on TV I DRV most shows as it is, I would love to watch more Canadian content if it was in a convenient consumable format.

I think Telus has done wonders with their Online Streaming service that ties into its DVR on-demand service. In my opinion Telus is on the correct path for Canadian content to be consumed and digested simply because I can watch more or less whatever TV show I want.

The issue here is that I truly have no idea what constitutes as Canadian content. Is AMC’s Hell On Wheels Canadian? AMC is an American company but the show was filmed in Calgary Alberta. Many other US shows are filmed in Canada. And as far as I know Lions Gate films is still Canadian. They brought you some popular TV shows like Orange is the new black, Nurse Jackie, Warm Bodies, Twilight, Hunger Games, and the Expendables.

Canadian companies producing content puts money in different pockets. Regulations on Netflix would put money in the networks pockets.

Bottom up, or top down.

I think this is similar to print newspapers and publications adjusting to the online world, Syndication is what pays the bills. Weather or not Netflix or Google are paying fair price I don’t know.

But perhaps the CRTC should be working on our behalf rather than poking their fingers in our entertainment pie and helping Canadian content he shown in the US where they have 10x the amount of viewers.

When I do some quick Googling I can see that Sales are up for all 4 major broadcasters are up.

Shaw –
Telus –
Rogers –
Bell –

Shaw for example almost increased their “Free cash flow” by $100 million for that time the previous year.

Money is being made, I can see it, so won’t the CRTC please work on our behalf? 

Times are changing and I get that, but adapt and evolve with them. If a $10 a month subscription can disrupt an entire nations entertainment industry to the point where regulations, taxes, and fees need to be introduced then maybe its time to look at how things are being run.

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