Foundation of Sass

Motion UI might be the tipping point.

I have a love hate for front end frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation.

Typically on the server side, a MVC framework provides common ground for a team of developers. Front end frameworks are can offer more or less the same standardization. But the issue comes from the ways front end frameworks are used. They are meant to be altered. Altering the framework opens up the code to interpretations. This usually leads to personal preference on techniques.

This of course happens to server side code, but it is contained within the framework. 

Personally working with any front end framework means negotiating the predefined look and feel. I built and use Dock for personal projects because its meant to be in the background and blend in.

Since Zurb announced Foundation 5 and its Motion UI grouping Angular JS with the framework it applies its look to web apps. And this makes more sense to me, it might finally be the thing that makes me use Foundation. I have for a long time been wanting to rebuild Tentacle CMS and this just might be one of the tools I use.

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