Why I built Dock

Dock is a simple Bootstrap based framework made to be as non restrictive as possible.

Taking a focus on structure rather than eye candy, after all that is your job!

You won’t find any of the Icing that bootstrap has but rather a more concise grid system with centered columns, a more functional file structure allowing you to extend rather than over ride styles. Made to be extensible, it’s possible to add your own button code or include what other UI frameworks have already made.

Bootstrap is great for a full blown web app but usually seems to be over kill for smaller sites.

I found my self working to make bootstrap look like what I needed it to be rather than using some of the tools already available and forging my own clean code.

I included a grid system based off of the great Bootstrap grigs, but I chose to rename the calls mainly because I did not see the need to constantly repeat col-md-6 rather you simply use md-6.

Offset for example would be md-offset-4 and in scenarios where you need to center a column that might be an odd number like md-5 I also use md-center.

Further details on how the project is setup is available on Github and a demo can be found here.

Along with the basic framework is a starting point for Front End projects. I have used this is a few Django sites as well as WordPress and other static pages.

Download | View on Github | Demo

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