My Management recap for the past 90 days.

My team got shit done!

Managing people is new to me. It has been hard since I still have to handle my previous workload. It has been hard. But I wanted to openly recap what has happened in the last 90 days, This will be followed up with an email of how I got here.

Just to add a sense of scale, our web team is 4 people including myself, Go Auto has 32 dealerships across Western Canada with about 2.2 million page views a month.

This is a direct copy of the status update that I sent to our marketing department. 


~ Email ~

Over the last 2 weeks we have implemented a number of new features and improvements on the Go Auto site.

- For all of you who suffer from chronic caching. I have devised a “Cache buster” to clear that every time we update the site. This means no more updated HTML and incorrect Styles. * does not apply to images!
- Search now contains:
    Trim requested by Dan and the pickup dealerships
    Regions requested by H2H
    Fuel Type, Transmission, Passenger count requested by Corporate 

- A number of forms have also been updated to include features like WORKING…
- Inventory lists have been tightened up to better fit on smaller displays. We don’t have a lot of traffic using lower resolution displays but it does help to see a vehicle rather than a bunch of search filters.
- Basic My GoAuto integration

    Login, Logout
    Go Card Balance
    Go Card Spending

- New comparison feature
    Customers now have the ability to compare up to 5 in-stock vehicles

Coming up

The next sprint should include some Black Ops features that will start off managing staff members! Yes thats exciting, it leads us into a system that will let us create custom landing pages for PPC/Flat pages/Whatever in potentially minutes rather than hours and gives the Coordinators/Managers/Content creators the ability to update content and change media.

Other fun facts include:

Go Insurance, Go Auto Outlet, Go Auto Direct, Norden VW, Mazda, Nissan, are all in some form of review
Acura is in development, if there is a site that we missed let us know. But it appears that all sites have been built.

90 Web Requests closed last month 
66 Web Requests closed this month

In the last month we launched:

Team Ford, Kentwood Ford, Peace River Ford, Capital Ford, MGM Ford Lincoln, Go Dodge, Columbia Chrysler, Yellowknife Chrysler, St Paul Dodge, Peace River Chrysler, Go Dodge Surrey, Go Hyundai, Go Kia, Go Honda, Honda Red deer, AND, Edson Honda

Please direct any praise to Tom, Karan, and Dave.

Questions or concerns, direct them to the trash bin between Myself and David.

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