Google is making the internet of things a thing.

Google will be introducing a lot of new technology in future versions of Chrome for desktop as well as on mobile devices.

After watching the 2015 Chrome dev summit I saw a lot of interesting new technology that will be introduced by Google. One of them being the Internet of Things I think it’s been talked about for quite a while but Google seems to be making big leaps by introducing web bluetooth. I never really thought of the Internet of Things as being something so simple and practical but the example given in the talk was a person standing downtown, possibly standing beside a bus stop, parking meter, vending machine, and a building. Seems like such a common occurrence that didn’t even register to me.

Chrome on devices will begin to list low current Bluetooth devices as nearby objects letting you buy products and services from you phone. No app for the parking meter or messy and expensive transit apps.

Just a simple webpage letting anyone with a phone connect and pay.

Another interesting example they showed was a heart rate monitor connected by bluetooth to a website streaming like data from the device.

The applications for this is really endless. Imagine emergency response personnel having the ability to live stream critical information ahead of the ambulance to its destination in real time.

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